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What on muddy earth is a Tough Mudder?


Archive for The Mad Digest, your go-to resource for sports fitness and nutrition information and tips, as well as anything Tough Mudder related. Hear from expert trainers, fitness and sports enthusiasts, as well as fellow Tough Mudders. Maybe some wacky stuff here and there. We're serious about this muddy business, but we're also seriously fun!

What on muddy earth is a Tough Mudder?

The Mad Dudes

                                                       Credit: Jessica Kourkounis for The New York Times

Tough Mudder founders, Guy Livingstone and Will Dean testing out a burning obstacle at their very first dry run.

18-20km, 20-24 obstacles and one hell of a mud bath;  physical exertion, mental grit and great camaraderie. That's what Tough Mudder is. 

Fun fact - Tough Mudder was born as a semifinalist in the Harvard Business School's annual Business Plan Contest. At that time, student Will Dean thought he could attract 500 people to run through a grueling course of mud and man-made obstacles. Since 2010, Tough Mudder has had over 150 events and 2 million participants.

Tough Mudder is not about finisher rankings, it is about finishing it. That speaks volumes about its degree of toughness and how different a proposition it is from other races like Spartan and Urbanathlon. The event is 3 times as long as any other and takes place in a wide expanse of hostile environments designed to test your limits. Yep, can't find that in Singapore - not your ECP or Padang field or Nicoll Highway. But more than physical endurance and mental strength, it requires teamwork and camaraderie. That is why it is not a timed race but a team challenge. It brings participants through exhilarating, never-before-seen obstacles that will make your adrenaline soar.

Tough Mudder is also about having FUN. Serious in training but don't take yourselves too seriously. Hang loose, get down and get muddy. The tongue-in-cheek attitude comes through in the names of the obstacles which include Cry Baby, Balls to the Wall, Kiss of Mud and also in their Mudder Pledge, in which participants will recite their promise not to whine. That's for kids, and cry babies. 

So if you're looking for your next challenge, sick of the boring terrain in Singapore, game to test yourself in every way, look no further than Tough Mudder. Did we mention the next event we are going to takes place in a winery in Australia? Got your attention, didn't we? SIGN UP NOW.

VIP registration closes on 22 December - you'll be missing out on more than 20% off the normal ticket price if you don't act!

Check out the upcoming events on our website for more information and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.