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We're a bunch of crazy-ass sports enthusiasts with a fiery love for competitive race events and the need to share this love to challenge ourselves with more people. We're here to cultivate a community of SG Tough Mudders to join the international endurance event series as a Singapore contingent.

TMD? Are you kidding me?

We kid you not. TMD stands for The Mad Dudes (c’mon what were you thinking) and that’s who we are. A bunch of crazy-ass sports enthusiasts with a fiery love for competitive race events and a penchant for screaming 3-4 lettered expletives as we thrash through obstacles that push our physical strength and mental endurance to the limits.


TMDsports exists so that we can share this love to challenge ourselves, fight our fears and overcome our limits with more like-minded insane people. These values live on beyond the race, in our everyday life.

This is a platform for the endurance lover and adrenaline junkie to discover new exhilarating sports experiences that are different from the existing run-of-the-mill sporting events in Singapore. It is also a platform for them to find like-minded peers to share and savour the experience with. We want to build a community of tenacious people to bond over sports, fitness and fun, regardless of age, experience or ability.

What We Do

We bridge the Singapore adventure and obstacle race community with exciting events overseas. We seek out extra-challenging, novel and unique races and organize trips to participate in them as a Singapore contingent. We arrange the logistics, organise the training and worry about the nitty-gritty so that you get there prepared, pumped up and ready to get the most out of your experience! 

Currently, we have our eyes trained on races like Tough Mudder, World Toughest Mudder, Red Bull 400 and the Jungle Marathon. We will also send teams to participate in Viper Challenge and Spartan Races. One of our ultimate goals is to work together as a Singapore team and do this little red dot proud as her representatives!

We also aim to bring more exciting events onto our shores by organising our own local challenges and working with others in the industry to hold Singapore editions of obstacle races. In addition, we design and hold trainings to prepare you for the races, enhance physical fitness and build mental grit. More importantly, we seek to foster camaraderie and grow our tribe!

To increase and support growing interest in adventure and obstacle races, we have also taken a huge step in deciding to sponsor local athletes to participate in races to represent the TMDsports community. More details coming up on this bit!

Now Let's Hear From You

We are always scouring and looking out for new thrills. If there's a race out there that scratches your adventurous itch or sends your adrenaline to the sky, and you know in your bones that you just have to try it but have no kaki, let us know and we'll be on it. We totally get that feeling. Talk to us here.

And if any of the races we've mentioned above have that same effect on you, register your interest to participate. You're one of us now!

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