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Fancy running through obstacles in a winery?


Archive for The Mad Digest, your go-to resource for sports fitness and nutrition information and tips, as well as anything Tough Mudder related. Hear from expert trainers, fitness and sports enthusiasts, as well as fellow Tough Mudders. Maybe some wacky stuff here and there. We're serious about this muddy business, but we're also seriously fun!

Fancy running through obstacles in a winery?

The Mad Dudes

Sirromet Winery - Photo credit:

Sirromet Winery - Photo credit:

If East Coast Park, Nicoll Highway, Changi Coast Road and Gardens by the Bay just doesn't cut it for you anymore, running through a winery might just be the spark you need to get you back in the game.

Singaporean's love for this exercise has spawned so many running events that we have no problem filling up an entire year's calendar. Yet the marketing hook is typically some coveted cartoon soft toy in the goodie bag or another running singlet trumpeting your completion of 10km. The novelty of any race route simply wears out, due to no fault of anyone but the limited land space and unexciting terrain in Singapore.

So here's double goodness for you. How about doing not just a run but an obstacle race, and not just any road but through a winery?

You can get all that at the first Tough Mudder event of the 2016 season in Australia. It's venue is the Sirromet Winery, a family-owned winery nestled among the rolling hills and bushland of Mount Cotton in South East Queensland, with miles and miles of picturesque scenery. 

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Sirromet's vineyards are located in the high altitude of Queensland's renowned Granite Belt region, formed by an ancient tectonic movement forcing a gigantic granite mass to rise up 820m from the sea level.

Listed as one of the "places-to-see" on the official Gold Coast and Brisbane tourism websites, it will be a breathtaking race route in more ways than one: plenty of challenging undulation for an adrenaline rush as well as panoramic views to Moreton Bay for an eye-feast.

In early May when the event is held, the temperature averages in the low 20s, fantastic cool weather to enjoy the outdoors. With so much to savour, you'll be glad to know it is not a timed race. The whole point is just to complete it, having fun and creating memories with your team mates during the journey. 

If you still wish to sign up for your Hello Kitty Run, well hey, we won't judge. But this? It is the experience of a life time. We can't promise you a soft toy but you'll definitely get a sense of achievement you won't forget.

SIGN UP NOW for the Tough Mudder Australia 2016, as part of the first Team Singapore contingent.