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How to Work Off The Calories in 9 Chinese New Year Snacks


Archive for The Mad Digest, your go-to resource for sports fitness and nutrition information and tips, as well as anything Tough Mudder related. Hear from expert trainers, fitness and sports enthusiasts, as well as fellow Tough Mudders. Maybe some wacky stuff here and there. We're serious about this muddy business, but we're also seriously fun!

How to Work Off The Calories in 9 Chinese New Year Snacks

The Mad Dudes

The Chinese New Year can be a calorific nightmare for anyone with a fitness regime or goal to maintain. And this time round, it’s a 4-day long weekend of goodies beckoning! 

Rather than preaching for complete abstinence (because we love our food too much), we’d advise a little self-restraint (yes, please avoid consuming half a tub of peanut cookies all by yourself!) and throw in this cheat-sheet on how you can work off each CNY snack.

After all, who wants to be the wet blanket during family gatherings when your aunt goes around offering her home-made pineapple tarts and you’re the only one to refuse?

CNY Snacking

Where do I get the time to do these amidst all the visiting, you ask?
Well, a pre-visiting morning workout of 20 minutes (e.g. 1 set Tabata routine + 10 min burpees + 5 min of push-ups) will set you up for almost 200 calories burnt. The trick is not to neglect your fitness regime completely during the festive period and only binge-exercise after. It's harder to catch up.

You could even incorporate exercise as part of the family gatherings. Instead of the usual sit-around, card playing or TV watching, "jio" your family members and relatives for a walk or jog in the park together.  Instead of betting on Black-Jack, bet who can climb the most flight of stairs in a 15-minutes challenge. 

And if a post-CNY workout is inevitable, come on down for our 4K Challenge on 21 February or sign up for our Bootcamps starting 28 February. We'll make sure those pineapple tarts get torched real good.