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Media & Partners


For our participants, it’s a life-changing experience. For your brand, it could be a value-enhancing proposition. 

TMDsports event partnership opportunities offer you more than a cameo appearance on marketing collaterals and merchandise. It’s an association with not just world class quality events but a brand personality based on a never-say-die attitude and a go-get-'em drive. 

If you need more convincing

  1. You’ll be named as Official Partner of TMDsports and the Singapore national contingent to the international event series Tough Mudder. (See the list of current partners above and below).
  2. You’ll get corporate rates for your staff to participate. What better way to give that fun and happening corporate image than having this as part of staff welfare and health/fitness benefits? (Zumba classes are sooo yesterday). What’s more, your staff will be named as part of the national team representative for your company. Score!
  3. And of course, brand exposure and publicity in our collaterals and publications.

Interested in being an official partner of TMDsports?
Please email us at

We’re currently seeking partnership for our 2016 event series for the following:

Brand ambassadors

  • Take part in the training and races on VIP rates
  • Be the face of TMDsports for media coverage

Corporate teams

  • Promote the events to staff through email/intranet
  • Enjoy special rates for sign-up with your own corporate code

Goodie bag and merchandise

  • Vouchers/discount promotions for product/service
  • Merchandise such as T-shirts, bags, caps/visors, water bottles etc.

Prize sponsorship
For top winners of 4K Challenge, Bootcamp Challenge and Tough Mudder Australia

Cash sponsorship

Have a look at our event timeline to see where and when you can help enhance our events

Media event 1: January 2016
Media launch: This will involve fitness professionals, corporate HR or Leisure representatives, media professionals and sponsors/partners.

Media event 2: February 2016
This will involve certain participants of the 4K Challenge in Feb/March and VIPs from the media launch.

Media event 3: May 2016
At the gala dinner of the Tough Mudder completion in Brisbane, Australia.

Publicity Opportunities
Bootcamp Sessions: we will place flags of your branding on

  • T Shirt logos
  • Banners 
  • Backdrops