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About TMDsports and its Events

Q:Why shouldn’t I just sign up at the actual Tough Mudder website?
A: Because we make sure you keep your energy for what's important, instead of fussing over logistical arrangements and stressing out over what you missed. We want you to arrive at ease for what's probably the toughest race on the planet. Did we mention the privileges you could get from our sponsors, including special airfares? Most of all, you get the warm glow of pride and recognition by going as a Singapore team.

Q:How do I create a team/sign up as a team on this website?
A: Please follow the instructions as you fill out the registration form, you will be guided in team formation. Click here when you are ready to register as a team/individual. 

Q: If I don’t have a team, can I sign up?
A: Sure you can. Let us know and we’ll help you find your mud comrades. You can also come down for the Bootcamp to get to know other participants and form a team.

Q:What’s the TMD Bootcamp for?
A: Training is important to take part in the Tough Mudder race. Although no amount of training can prepare you fully for it, we will make sure you won't fall face flat in the mud … too many times…..

The Bootcamp also helps you to know the rest of the Singapore Mudders who will be running with you. Trust us, you won't feel so cold and lonely in the mud, when your shoes are 3kg heavier and you wanna bawl your eyes out like a crybaby.

We strongly encourage all participants and future participants to come for our Bootcamp.

Q:I’m injured and can’t run. Can I get a refund?
A: Please see the details in our Refund Policy

About Tough Mudder Events

Q: Who should join this race?
A: Anyone above 21 years old who is willing to take up the challenge, we welcome one and all. The more challenged you are to take part, the bigger a hero you will be when you complete the race! Before the Tough Mudder event, we recommend all potential participants to join our Bootcamp for a taste of what the race will be like and where you need more training in.

However, we will strongly discourage those with heart or respiratory problems or sensitive skin from taking part. As much as we strive for glory, it is your safety that's paramount. You can still join the TMD community as part of the company, staff, charity liaison, or a supporter for the event!

Contact us to know how you can contribute to this growing community

Q: How long does it take to complete a Tough Mudder race?
A: The average Mudder will complete the course in a little over 3 hours. Depending on how many people are on your team and the level of fitness, these times can vary between 2 hours and 4+ hours.

Q: Is Tough Mudder safe?
A: While the events are built to be challenging, safety is of top priority at Tough Mudder, and experts are involved at every step of the process to keep you safe. Over the past five years, more than 2 million people have safely completed a Tough Mudder course, making participating in a Tough Mudder event 11x safer than running a marathon and 20x safer than competing in a triathlon.

Tough Mudder has more than 100 employees with event experience, including more than 20 full time employees that collectively have more than 75 years of expertise in safety and mass participation event delivery for organizations including the Olympic Games, FIFA, USA Triathlon, New York Road Runners, USTA, The PGA Tour, The Rugby World Cup, IMG and more.

If you need any assistance during the event, you'll find on-site safety personnel, with medical experts including ALS, EMT, paramedics, water rescue technicians and emergency response personnel, to ensure your needs are met.

You can find more information on safety at Tough Mudder events right here

Q: Do I have to sign a waiver to participate?
A: Yes. When you arrive on event day, you must sign a waiver in which you acknowledge (among other things) that by participating in Tough Mudder, you expose yourself to certain risks, including the risk of personal injury. Your travel insurance will be able to take care of a portion, if not, all of medical costs sustained on the trip. We highly recommend that you consider a personal accident plan before participating in this trip. We have sponsors who will be able to offer you special deals and rebates. Contact us for more information.

Corporates and Sponsorship

Q: How do we sign up as a corporate team?
A: You will need to have your HR or Director of the company to issue a written letter to allow us to recognise you as a corporate team and also to use your logo in our publicity materials. Also, your team members must all come from the same company! Email us at contact(at)

Q: I'm interested in being a partner / sponsor of TMDsports and / or its events. Who can I contact?
A: Please drop us a note and let us know how your company or you would like to be a part this adventure to bring Singapore onto an internationally recognised competition! We are excited to partner with anyone willing to contribute to this sporting culture and inspire the young of the future to overcome their challenges in sports and in life!


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