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4K Challenge 2016 completed

Last updated 25 Feb 2016

4K Challenge [COMPLETEd]

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DATE: 21 FEB 2016
TIME: 1030-1900 (after party for participants till 2200)
VENUE: solitude of strength, 
110 LORONG 23 GEYLANG #07-09 S388410

Gather a team of 4 to push your limits together. Does 4000 reps sound impossible? 

We never believe in impossible. So did many of you!

THANK YOU to everyone who came down to challenge yourself. We hope it was an insane Sunday that you won't forget, and it was as fun for you as it was for us!

Push Up

Push Up

Pull / Chin Up

Pull / Chin Up

Jump Squat

Jump Squat




  • Men's open
  • Women's open
  • Mixed
  • Corporate
  • Active Agers

* Mixed teams must have minimum 1 female in the team
* Active agers teams must comprise of members ≥ 40 years old
* There is no criteria for gender mix in the categories for Corporate and Active Agers


Participation: Shirt

Awarded upon attempt of challenge

4K Challenge Shirt

Completion: Additional Silver Medal

Awarded upon completing min. reps / person

4K Award: Additional Gold Medal instead of Silver Medal

Awarded upon team completion of 4000 reps

  • Male Team TMDSG 4K Award
  • Female Team TMDSG 4K Award
  • Mixed Team TMDSG 4K Award
  • Corporate Team TMDSG 4K Award
  • Active Agers Team TMDSG 4K Award

Challenge Winner

Champion of categories

  • Overall Male Team TMDSG 4K Champion
  • Overall Female Team TMDSG 4K Champion
  • Overall Mixed Team TMDSG 4K Champion
  • Overall Corporate Team TMDSG 4K Champion
  • Overall Active Agers Team TMDSG 4K Champion

The above will receive a sponsors package hamper and additional Champion trophy each. 

  • Overall TMDSG 4K Champion of Champions

The Champion of Champions will receive an additional Champion Challenge Trophy worth $800 and have their team name engraved on it.

Record Holders

  • Fittest Male TMDSG 4K Competitor
  • Fittest Female TMDSG 4K Competitor
  • Fittest Active Ager TMDSG 4K Competitor
  • Fittest Youth TMDSG 4K Competitor

Each of the record holders will win additionally a free trip to Tough Mudder Australia with TMD Sports Singapore. Terms and Conditions apply.

* Youth is defined as any individual less than 21 years old.

Requirements of challenge

  • The 4 required exercises are Push Up, Pull / Chin Up, Jump Squat and V-Sit
  • Each person must attempt all 4 exercises
  • Each person must do at least 100 reps of each exercise

Push up

Starting position: Arms straightened in a push up position
1st check point: Arms must be bent at least 90 degrees at the elbow
2nd check point: Arms straightened in a push up position and back
Other: Distance between palms not restricted

Pull / Chin up

Starting position: Hanging on the bar, overhand or underhand grip
1st check point: Chin touching bar
2nd check point: Arms straightened
Other: Kicking to finish and kipping pull / chin ups are allowed. Butterfly kipping is not allowed. No holding of legs to support

Jump Squats

Starting position: Standing upright, legs straightened, back upright
1st check point: Squat with fingers touching ankles, knees bent
2nd check point: Legs straightened and off the ground completely
Other: Back straightened, hands up minimally above shoulder height in the upwards position


Starting position: Lying completely flat on the ground
1st check point: Fingers touching ankles, knees bent, shoulder blades off ground
2nd check point: Heel on the ground legs straightened, shoulder blades on the ground

Finals round: burpees

Starting position: Standing upright with hands on side
1st check point: Plank position, no need to push up
2nd check point: Legs tucked in, hands on the ground
3rd check point: Jump up, feet above ground, hands above shoulder

A Photo Challenge

Supporters we have prizes for you too!

We encourage all supporters to take photos of the team they are supporting in action.

The successful winner will be determined via the facebook post with #TMDsports.

The following are the prizes available

  1. Most popular photo
  2. Tough Grit Photo

Prizes will be vouchers worth at least $200 from our supporting sponsors and partners.